Oct 31

Review of open positions 10/31/2014

 Happy Pumpkin week to all. If you’ve been following along, you will notice for the first time we have not had a completely scary week, in fact, this week has been positive. It seems that we are at a start of a new market cycle. We did not make in changes to our portfolio this week. It’s fantastic we did not work hard this week. It felt very odd, that all the work  needed,on the portfolio, was about 15 minutes in the evening. We spent our extra time studying and examining charts. I like this concept of letting your money work for you.  Any way in the spirit of a holiday week we are signing off. Time for a nice cup of coffee.

Each trader has different position sizing, risk parameters and execution prices which will change overall  portfolio return. We do not give financial advice. Trade at your own risk. We are not responsible for any losses you may have by following our blog. We are only making known when we enter or exit a stock.The numbers that we are disclosing are a record of entries or exits made since the start of this blog. We may or may not show each stock that we own or are following  We may not disclose other transactions not mentioned on this blog. The prices mentioned here may or may not show our real transaction execution prices. Percentages may represent a sum of stock holdings. Calculations may not be accurately reflected. Trade at your own risk. We are not responsible for any losses you may have by following our blog.


Current Charts of open positions.  Click here

Current charts of closed positions. Click here.


SUMMARY AS OF 10/31/2014       
OPEN POSITIONS:- Total 15:  12 winners,3 losers. Average win +7.7%, average loss -21.2.%.
CLOSED POSITIONS:- Total 29: 10 winners, 19 losers. Average win +17.3%, average loss-10.1%.
Total 44: 22 winners, 22 losers 50 % win . The average win is +12.1%, the average loss 11.6%.
OPEN POSITIONS AS AT 10/31/2014    
Position Opened Closed % loss % gain
Long $NQ 3/24   -57.3  
Long $NKE 08/25       16.1
Long $AAPL 9/9     7
Long $VRTX 9/23     8
Long $BAH 10/20     4.9
Long $COV 10/8   -1.1  
Long $MNST 10/7     9.4
Long $CMN 10/14     7.7
Long $CSX 10/15     9.1
Long $JNS 10/15     11
Long $ROST 10/15     4.7
Long $LB 10/21     2.9
Long $BABA 10/21     6.8
Long $BLL 10/21   -5.1  
Long $NAVI 10/20     4.8
      -63.5 92.4

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