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Review of open positions 01/23/2014

 Trying to guess the direction of the market, and by extension a particular stock, is a tricky game at best. After weeks of small losses and what appeared to be indecision on which way price was going. We had, on Thursday, a huge updraft creating nine new all time highs. Of course Friday was not as kind to us and many stocks ended up taking a breather. The good thing is lines of resistance and areas of consolidation have been broken through to the upside. I often muse, that maybe its a good thing that I know little about the workings of particular companies that I trade in. All I have is “follow the system. Our system dumped one and gained two stocks this week. It seems like the whipsaw action on stocks may be steadying out and price direction is being picked.

The Market this month in video. (Simulation)



 Current Charts of open positions.  Click here

Current charts of closed positions. Click here.



SUMMARY AS OF 01/23/2015       
OPEN POSITIONS:- Total 15:  14 winners,1 losers. Average win +11.7 %, average loss 76.7%.
CLOSED POSITIONS:- Total 39: 17 winners,22 losers. Average win +14 %, average loss-9.2%.
Total 54: 31 winners, 23 losers 59 % win . The average win is +13.0 %, the average loss 12.1%.
OPEN POSITIONS AS AT 01/23/2015    
Position Opened Closed % loss % gain
Long $NQ 3/24   -76.7  
Long $VRTX 9/23     20.4
Long $COV 10/8     15.6
Long $MNST 10/7     29.3
Long $CMN 10/14     8.8
Long $JNS 10/15     35.3
Long $ROST 10/15     22.8
Long $BABY 12/15     3.1
Long $GPK 12/16     10.4
Long $TSCO 1/2     1.2
Long $BSX 1/6     7.5
Long $ABC 1/9     2.2
Long $DPS 1/16     4.2
Long $AET 1/20     2
Long $ED 1/20     1.3
      -76.7 164.1


Each trader has different position sizing, risk parameters and execution prices which will change overall  portfolio return. We do not give financial advice. Trade at your own risk. We are not responsible for any losses you may have by following our blog. We are only making known when we enter or exit a stock. The numbers that we are disclosing are a record of entries or exits made since the start of this blog. We may or may not reveal each stock that we own or are following  We may not disclose other transactions not mentioned on this blog. The prices mentioned here may or may not reflect our actual transaction execution prices. Percentages may represent an aggregate of stock holdings. Calculations may not be accurately reflected. Trade at your own risk. We are not responsible for any losses you may have by following our blog.

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