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Review of open positions 09/19/2014

This week was another flat week for our portfolio. Better flat than a poke in the eye with a sharp stick. Anyhoo, Lots of odd news, Alibaba coming on as the largest ever IPO in history. Scotland wanting independance again, sundry wars and rumors of wars, and of course the ever present Eboli danger. We chose to exit $ACHN and tried our hand at a swing trade $VPRT. So far this swing is running favourably and we are in day 3.

Watchlist stocks that I fell extremely favourable towards is $INTC and $KAR. Earnings season is soon upon us, so note of caution. Our rule is dont buy prior to two weeks of earnings release.

$HIMX is showing a lot of potential as a swing trade.

$AA has been showing a lot of weakness of late. After the deal it just made with $BA I would have expected to see strength. Not happening at the moment. Stop is $16. Its been a good run but if it breaks the obvious stop We will be out.

$CAR. $UA and $MCK were both showing declines but appear to have bounced off the 50DMA and are slowly climbing back to the resistance level. Probably are ok for now.

And of course this weeks perception problem in video. HAHA



SUMMARY AS OF 09/19/2014  

OPEN POSITIONS:- Total 12:  9 winners,3 losers. Average win +13.8%, average loss -23.2%.

CLOSED POSITIONS:- Total 18: 5  winners, 13 losers. Average win +21.2%, average loss -11.7%.


Total 30: 14 winners, 16 losers 48.2 % win . The average win is +17.5%, the average loss -17.5%.


Long $NQ          03/24      –    65.0%

Still waiting for 20f filing or delisting, which ever comes first

Long $AA           03/28      +    28.7%

Long $FB           04/24      +   25.7%

Long $ADM        07/08      +   11.0%

Nice steady climb

Long $X              07/31      +   34.9%

Long $OVTI        08/04      +   17.5%

Waiting for breakout

Long $MCK        08/04       –    0.1%

Long$ CAR         08/11      +    1.7%

Long $DIS           08/15     +     1.6%

Long $NKE         08/25     +     2.2%

Long $UA            09/03      –     4.5%

Long $AAPL        09/09      +    0.8%


Each trader has different position sizing, risk parameters and execution prices which will change overall  portfolio return. We do not give financial advice. Trade at your own risk. We are not responsible for any losses you may have by following our blog. We are only making known when we enter or exit a stock.The numbers that we are disclosing are a record of entries or exits made since the start of this blog. We may or may not reveal each stock that we own or are following  We may not disclose other transactions not mentioned on this blog. The prices mentioned here may or may not reflect our actual transaction execution prices. Percentages may represent an aggregate of stock holdings. Trade at your own risk. We are not responsible for any losses you may have by following our blog.

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