Oct 01

Exit Long $X and $DIS, Entered Long $TKMR

Wow exiting and emotional day. Somehow Keep making the same mistake. Trading non swing positions during the day prior to close. Not waiting for the signal. Exited $X , it was preplanned to go if it went down again today, tremendous weakness since the last gap up. Broke below the 50DMA so ok with it going. Needed the cash to by $TKMR. $TKMR is a highly speculative play I bought at 26.18 during the day, it cooled off after being up 25%. Only reason I bought was the extreme emotional potential of Ebola. $TKMR is rumored to have a therapy capable of helping survive Ebola. Ebola, one of the deadliest diseases to man is out of Africa and in the USA.

Sanity prevails and I will be out of $DIS on the AM opening. Going to take a small loss here. Disturbed by the 3rd break of the 50 DMA in past 7 days. . I had tightened stops to 88.29 which was my ATR trip wire.

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