Mar 27

Entering Long Alcoa ($AA)

In the spirit of full disclosure, I have to give Jon Boorman of Alpha Capture a huge amount of credit for my training. In fact it was him that inspired me to write this blog. You see, imitation is the best form of flattery. It is also the best way to learn quickly and being successful, assuming the person you are imitating knows what they are doing. I have read Jon’s Blogs for the best part of a year now, trying to peer into his brain. If you run his numbers, which he discloses, it is clear he knows how to make money.

You may be skeptical and say what’s the difference between Jon and others who are out pushing their systems?

These are the things I believe describe Jon.

  • He is transparent by posting his trades before they happen.
  • He explains his rational when entering or exiting a stock.
  • He explains how to read a chart properly for optimum results.
  • He always drops pertinent and important tips.
  • He tracks the performance of each stock openly and gives precise numbers. (Numbers never lie.)
  • He answers questions posed to him honestly and openly, even if you don’t like the answer.

I was watching $AA yesterday and thinking what a good buy it would be. Jon confirmed it, with his posting. I’m proud that I actually got one right. In other words my thinking and analyses is starting to fall in line with Jon’s. So the bottom line is , from time to time you will see trades that Jon makes mirrored on this site. He is that good. I have never met Jon. I have been fortunate enough to have had him graciously answer some of my questions. Jon gets no compensation from me, or countless others that follow him.

This post is dedicated to Jon.

Thank you, Jon for sharing your knowledge with the rest of us. I am grateful that you have freely put yourself out there, so that I can share in the financial rewards of the greatest economy man has known. One day I hope to be able to meet you and thank you in person. When I make my first million on the stock market (inflation adjusted of course) I would like to take you and your family out for dinner. No not Burger king, more like Gordon Ramsay Steak.


  1. Jon Boorman

    I’m much obliged Colin. When starting my blog the main intention was to show people how they could make money by trend following. I figured the most effective way to do that was to show everything live as it happens, to be transparent and accountable. I’m glad you’ve benefited from that experience to aid your own journey, and thank you for your generous post. I look forward to dinner at Gordon Ramsay!

  2. stockroads

    I’m deeply grateful that Jon allows us to get insights into the process, without wasting our cash. There are plenty of scammers. One free week does not really allow you to evaluate a system. If Jon chooses to profit from his blogging work, he should. I think he does already. By posting what you believe forces transparency. It also forces you to practice what you preach. Unlike other unnamed services who tell you when to get in but amazingly forget to tell you when to get out. Anyway I’ll get off my soapbox now. Thank you for your comment Jonathan.

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