Apr 24

Exit Long $ORCL, Enter Long Facebook $FB

Enter Long $FB

So I took some chances again today. I was looking at my FB and it came out with incredible earnings giving me these reasons to buy.

On April 23, Facebook reported that its earnings nearly tripled — up 193%. Facebook achieved this while enjoying a 72% boost in first quarter revenue. And its advertising revenue soared 82% to $2.27 billion — with 59% of that coming from mobile — nearly twice last year’s 30%.

Taking market share from Google

Adding users on new platforms

And my own personal reasons. I bought on the IPO at $40 Let it bottom and finally rid myself of it at about $30.

So here’s a Facebook  look back

So looking at this combination with the market opening in the red, it seemed like a perfect time to buy FB. Entered at 61.69 Stop


Exit Long $ORCL

I sold $ORCL for one reason and that is to raise cash. I chose $ORCL as it has not been a bright light but a dim bulb.. Yes it has given some light. I have owned $ORCL since 12/26/13. I bought it on a consolidation break out. I am up on it 7.6 percent. In retrospect its a better return than my bank account. . In doing this transaction I have violated the wait till closing to make a decision. I have allowed greed to enter in a decision on a stock that even though its trending its to slow for my ego. So will my gamble payoff and my rule violation be rewarded, or will I be punished severely?Time will tell.

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