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Aug 23

Weekly Review of open positions 08/23/2015

Many of my Twitter friends and stock gurus have recommended that I “buy the dips”.

It sounds fantastic, but here’s the thing.

  • If I buy the dips and stocks continue to go down, I lose my capital.
  • If I buy the dips and stocks continue to go up, I gain some profit.
  • If I sell into the slide, I preserve my capital.
  • If I hold into the slide, I lose my capital.
  • If I sell and the market goes up I lose some profit.

These are the possible scenarios.

Before deciding about buying the dips or holding through the correction, think how much can you buy if you lose your capital?

How many stocks can you buy if you preserve your capital but lose out on some profit?

Exited  long this past week. $WBA, $ABT, $AIG, $RAD, $VRX, $CVS

Entered long $GRA, $LEN

More on the chopping block for Monday open, see appropriate post.

Current Charts of open positions.  Click here

SUMMARY AS OF 08/22/2015 

OPEN POSITIONS:- Total 11:  6 winners ,5 losers . Average win 5.9 %, average loss 17.4 %

CLOSED POSITIONS:- Total 87: 44 winners, 43 losers. Average win +11.6%, average loss 7.1%

ALL POSITIONS SINCE INCEPTION (2/24/2014) Total 98: 50 winners, 48 losers .  51% win . The average win is +10.3 %, the average loss 8.3%


Position Opened Closed % loss % gain
Long $NQ 3/24/14 -80.3
Long $SBUX 06/08/15 -0.3
Long $ULTA 07/08/15 2.8
Long $PGR 07/09/15 -1.3
Long $GIS 07/09/15 -1.4
Long $GRA 08/18/15 -6.0
Long $LEN 08/18/15 -4.1
-92.4 2.8

Each trader has different position sizing, risk parameters and execution prices which will change overall  portfolio return. We do not give financial advice. Trade at your own risk. We are not responsible for any losses you may have by following our blog. We are only making known when we enter or exit a stock. The numbers that we are disclosing are a record of entries or exits made since the start of this blog. We may or may not reveal each stock that we own or are following  We may not disclose other transactions not mentioned on this blog. The prices mentioned here may or may not reflect our actual transaction execution prices. Percentages may represent an aggregate of stock holdings. Calculations may not be accurately reflected. Trade at your own risk. We are not responsible for any losses you may have by following our blog.


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