About US

We started out in the Stock Market some years ago with limited success. We bought equities, followed, what we thought were smart rules, which came from tips, books, and of course the internet.You could say that we were lambs going to slaughter. After we got into trading options and experiencing the emotional highs and lows of rapidly making and then losing money, we decided to examine why we were in the market. At the end of this examination we decided that there was only one reason for us to trade and that was to make money. 90 percent of people who trade in stocks lose money. What were the other 10 percent doing differently?. Clearly we were being unsuccessful at it.

 We decided to stop trading until we could find out what that was. After trolling the internet buying books and being solicited for countless “we will teach you how to trade” services , we stumbled on to a group of traders whom were happy to share their blogs for free. Some of these had pay for services, but they all shared information, about where you could learn to trade. We started tracking some of these blogs and asking questions of this group of traders. It became apparent that not only were they making money but they freely shared knowledge with us. We started to get a picture of the real world of trading.

 The first thing we did was turn off the news, friends, pundits, tipsters, soothsayers, prophets, commentators, economists and other high finance priests.While following our selected group of traders we realized that even though they used different systems they were all successful. They all knew the timelines they traded and a system to match the timeline. The group consisted of day traders, swing traders, position traders, momentum traders’ scalpers and long term investors. We settled on a version of position trading known as trend following. Trend following suited us for a number of reasons. We designed our version to be systematic and rules based.

 Trend following allows for slower more deliberate decision making, reduces emotion and is more forgiving of mistakes. The biggest advantage is that you don’t need to trade or even look at the stock market, except once a day, after the market is closed. We work for employers and don’t have the time to be watching the market every minute, and trend following has allowed us to get a direct stake in one of the largest capital markets and profit directly from it.

 So why this blog? Well like you, we had limited resources starting out, not enough time, money or knowledge to be entering, what is perceived, as a highly complicated market.We realized that most people are very busy and because they work hard, have family and other time commitments, it is extremely difficult to gain the knowledge to be successful in the ‘stock market.

 Many of us have given up taking care of our own hard earned  money and have instead given it to so called experts and other funds to take care of, in the hopes, that they will invest it wisely. Only you can take proper care of your finances. We did not want to spend our working lives saving and investing until we grow old. We want to expand our income and improve our lives.

 We are here to share our experience. Learning from our experiences will help you boost your income and teach you to trade and take responsibility for your own finances. In return we expect that we will learn from you and to push ourselves to be better, more knowledgeable traders and grow as people. We all found out during the 2007 recession and subsequent market crash that the experts failed us. Their performance was putrid and we were really dumb for listening to them. In our defense, we didn’t know any better. That excuse is no longer valid.

 Trading is something anyone can learn to do successfully. You can do it too.

 Trend following rules

Preserve your capital

.Follow the trend

Keep your stop loose.

If you can’t sleep at night because your position is too big, sell.

Obey your stops

Lose small, win big.

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