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Why should I trade?

How much $$$ do I need?

How to set up an account.

Position sizing.(This is such an important subject, we gave it a page on its own).

Trading plans:

How to buy a stock?

How to sell a stock?

Trading Journal-Keeping Score

Basic rules for a systematic approach

  Equities Entries:  New 52 week high., (Prefer new all time high) Stock in uptrend In consolidation period prior to buy. 3a. On recent gap up: Completed backtest with bullish engulfing candle Limit buy order on prior day closing price. Risk/Reward maximum 10% Upward rising 50DMA and 150DMA. ( Avoid buying on recent multiple 50DMA penetrations, unless there are …

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ETF Long Strategy

This strategy is still in development . We are not holding any actual positions. Any positions or posts made are simulated only, and only for the purposes of study. We are not giving any investment advice. If you make any investments following our blog or strategies, you do so at your own risk. We are not …

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Position Sizing

  We follow Dr Van Tharpe’s methodology in position sizing. In our view this method keeps your risk at manageable levels. In a nutshell, you decide the amount of your portfolio that you are willing to risk throw some magicly simple math into the equation and off you go.   Position sizing is so important to controlling your risk that we recommend …

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Tools of the trade

Trade Journal. Paper Napkin 🙂 Trading Journal Spreadsheet Excel spreadsheet Notebook Position Sizing tools.   Trade plans:   Charts. Finwiz Chartmill Basic chart reading from the Turtle Follower Think and swim (Ameritrade) MarketSmith Countless others.   Brokerage. Ameritrade Robinhood   Idea Generation. Stocktwits Twitter Finviz CNBC Marketwatch Paststat Gigascanner     Mentors. Alpha Capture …

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